Frequently Asked Questions

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Do items ever go on sale?

We do occasionally offer discount codes and host special holiday/event sales. If a price of an item is ever too much, contact our support team for varying payment options.

Do you purchase items or offer store credit for something I want to sell?

Depending on the product's condition, brand, and demand, we are always open to purchasing pieces you may have and/or use that piece as trade in value.

Use the "Contact Us" page to submit an inquiry.

What condition can I expect my product to be in?

A majority of products sold at Rising Sun Archive are second-hand, used pieces that may show slight signs of wear. If the condition of your purchased product is not up to your expectation, you have 7 days to return your order. See "Shipping & Returns" for more information.

Does Rising Sun Archive have consignment services?

If you have an item you wish to sell but are unsure on how to sell it, contact us for our consignment services where we sell the item/s for you!

Contact us through our store page or Instagram for further information.

Are all the products authentic?

Rising Sun Archive will NEVER sell fake/counterfeit products. We pride ourselves on our professional authentication team that carefully inspects every piece that comes through our store.

Do you offer private sourcing for items you don't have available?

If an item you're interested in is currently out of stock, or we don't have available, you may contact us on our page or Instagram to submit a Private Sourcing request.

Attach these specifics to your message:



Sizing (if available):

Color/material (if available):

Will the product I receive be the same one shown in the listing?

If Rising Sun Archive carries multiples of an item, you can expect the product to vary slightly than what is shown in the photos. Since all items are second-hand products, you can expect variances in the condition. You can reach out to a Rising Sun team member through Instagram or the website chat to request photos of the product you will be receiving.